Mutiny Starter Kit

About Us

From the United States of America, Mutiny Starter Kit’s creative core is a father/son duo which credits acts such as Arctic Monkeys, The Shins, The Whigs, R.E.M., The Connells, U2, The Smiths, Better than Ezra, John Mayer, Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden among its influences. J. Dow III (JD3) is responsible for guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals and lyrics while J. Dow IV (“Jack”/JD4) provides the drums and percussion along with collaborative musical structure and melodic insight. Song-focused guitar rock, all of the band’s compositions are authored and performed by the Dows with the participation of other musicians (particularly singers) contributing to the cause variously.

Aside from his role in Mutiny Starter Kit, J. Dow III was/is affiliated with the Athens, Georgia band, blue sky foundry. Conceived and formed in the early 1990’s by JD3 and one of his best friends, Dr. Scott Pennington (when the members were undergraduate students at the University of Georgia), blue sky foundry has produced 10 independent studio albums over a period scanning 4 decades. JD3 is married to Salli Dow – the singer for blue sky foundry who is also a contributing vocalist on MSK albums and Jack Dow’s mother. And JD4, in addition to his MSK involvement, has played drums for various popular United Kingdom regional acts and served as a session musician, recording studio tracks for several British bands while enrolled as an undergraduate student and master’s degree candidate at the University of Liverpool in England.