MSK-Under the Amber Lights (Album)

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The world was introduced to Mutiny Starter Kit in July of 2021 with the release of, Under the Amber Lights. MSK’s debut takes its name from the warm glow of the group’s home studio which birthed the fourteen (14) song project. Growing out of a series of casual jam sessions, serious songwriting became the focus when definite ideas began to coalesce and form a cohesive set of standards. Ultimately, recreational diversion evolved into serious endeavor, resulting in a body of work the two core members (JD3/JD4) resolved to shine and share. Thematically, the songs address coming of age and the human condition, generally. Promise, adversity, development, fortitude and forward progress are pervasive elements. Optimism (“This is a Place Where Good Things Happen” and “Monkeyshines”) and some odd fiction (“Barry, the Hatchet Man” and “Astro Naught”) are also threaded throughout the record. Under the Amber Lights has garnered praise and drawn support across the globe. Digital downloads of the album and songs are worldwide and used often in conjunction with various social media platforms. One of the deep album cuts, Track 12 – “YNWA”, is a rocking tribute to the band’s beloved Liverpool Football Club in Liverpool, England and is played regularly at the team’s stadium before more than 60,000 fans. The famous gentlemen, George Sephton – “The Voice of Anfield”, is particularly fond of the song and put it into rotation at the grounds to push the EPL team on to victory and glory. It is fair to say the band’s first album, which started with modest intentions behind closed doors, delivered quite a lot more to the public than originally expected.

Under the Amber Lights (2021)

1. Shin Splints

2. Rattle Your Cage

3. Monkeyshines

4. Friday The 13th

5. The “End” In “Friend”

6. Barry, The Hatchet-Man

7. Then Was Now

8. This Is A Place Where Good Things Happen

9. Astro Naught

10. The Wait

11. Fly

12. YNWA

13. Cloud-Break

14. Be Normandy


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