MSK-Under the Inversion (Album)

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Released in March of 2024, Under the Inversion is Mutiny Starter Kit’s sophomore offering. The opposite of a slump, the album amplifies the strength of the band’s debut and pushes MSK onward in stature and exploration. Under the Inversion (which is a nod to the weather phenomenon associated with western skies – where the sun can be found hiding above a sheath of clouds in the mountains), is a 13-song assembly in which JD3/JD4 build upon familiar themes of anticipation, preparation and departure. As always, melody and song structure are paramount. Intensity can be found throughout the project in the form of force and restraint. The dynamic of “Push the Arrow”, “The Less The Said, The Better” and “Foothold” illustrate an emotional/sonic quality often neglected in modern rock. Forward thinking, cautious optimism and resilience are central subjects of intellectual exploration on the album. The songs’ lyrical messages are delivered ardently by various vocalists (Stephon Tookes, Salli Dow and J. Dow III). The collection of tracks finds III/IV reaching into their melodic and melancholy quiver (“Preparations Made”, “The Last Day of the Year” and “Teenage Experiment”), hitting the intended target with success, but without limitation. But just as effective, the boys change gears, conjuring their raucous and aggressive sensibilities in the likes of, “Darwinism Optional”, “Greatly Exaggerated” and “Nice Hustle”. Unlike its predecessor album, Under the Inversion is not a surprise or an underdog. It is a continuation of the band’s excellent songwriting and studio performances. MSK is gaining speed with Under the Inversion earning the outfit more and more worldwide recognition and demand.

Under the Inversion (2024)

1. Preparations Made

2. The Last Day of the Year

3. Darwinism Optional

4. The Less That’s Said, The Better

5. Push the Arrow

6. Teenage Experiment

7. Horizon Calling

8. Just Echoes

9. Foothold

10. Greatly Exaggerated

11. Humans Being

12. Nice Hustle

13. Sephton, Make Us Sing!


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