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Mutiny Starter Kit - Under The Amber Lights


One of the joys of reviewing for IDHAS is the element of surprise. We listen to everything we get sent and as you'd expect there are things we like and things we don't. But nothing replaces the buzz of hearing something unexpectedly great and Mutiny Starter Kit are definitely in that category.

Consisting of a father and son duo from St. Simons Island in Georgia, they add Guest vocalists where necessary.  I know little more about them, but the result is a splendid Indie Rock album that edges more towards Pop Rock.

The incredible part is the variation, most of the songs are built around riffs, but genres are widespread. Essential the base is College Indie but the casting out is much more than that. For instance Rattle Your Cage has a real Goth Rock riff that combines with a Brit Pop feel.

Compare that to This Is A Place Where Good Things Happen which borders on Modern Prog. The female vocal on The Wait is like Chrissie Hynde playing laid back West Coast Rock and Friday The 13th is great US New Wave Guitar Pop.

Be Normandy is a big Stadium Rock closer, it has a really big sound, but I'm also enamoured that an American outfit would write a song about my beloved Liverpool FC. YNWA is exactly that and it is done in the 80s Indie style with its hypnotic Reggae style riff.

Mutiny Starter Kit seem at their best in that Indie Rock mode and Fly demonstrates that most. It reminds me a bit of The Alarm and is an absolute crackerjack of a song. If you like your Rock, riff driven and hook laden, but require more than songs about girls, this should be in your collection now.

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